The Ashes Ceremony...

The event...

On Sunday, September 23, 2012, at 11:11 AM family and friends gathered to disperse Colleen's ashes at the farm where her horse has lived for the past few years - the Amazin Graze farm in Acton, Ontario. (Follow the link to a page with maps and directions.)

A few refreshments were set out for the humans and a bag of apples was available for the horses before, and there was a barbeque lunch afterwards.

Some photo albums with pictures of Colleen and her pets and friends were on display. A boxful of ribbons won at riding events and an album full of ribbons won at fall fairs was there.

Some of Colleen's "products" were there as well. Colleen immersed herself in her interests. She liked to make known what she found interesting - by associating with and conversing with others having the same interests, and by gathering the associated objects around her and offering them to family and friends. Her sales and marketing background made it easy for her to think about the commercial side of things, and she liked to delve into these possibilities. It was common for her to buy or produce more than one of something she liked and then make it available for a nominal price or as a gift.

Angel Cats, link to preview at Angel Cats, a book by Allen and Linda Anderson, was one of Colleen's offerings.

A copy of Colleen's book Naturalists was on display, and can be viewed here...

Orgonite was an item of interest to Colleen, and some she had made herself was there for the taking.

Colleen designed and had made these 11:11 mugs, under the Spiritwalker Enterprises name.

The location of the ashes...

Colleen had asked that we disperse her ashes along the trails she rode, and we put that together with dispersing some of her ashes near where her horse Knox spends his days in pasture and the rest out along a looping trail behind the Amazin Graze farm. There is quite a treed area behind the farm that is shared with many neighbours. Colleen would ride throughout the shared area for a few hours at a time. We dispersed some of her ashes where the paddocks are, and more of the ashes just outside of the paddocks where the trees start, then we followed one of her trails for forty-five minutes or so and dispersed her ashes along it at three points before returning to the farm.

The first picture shows the Amazin Graze farm property from above. What looks like a white "T" is the roof of the barn. The properties in the area are long and narrow. This property starts at one end where the blue dot is and extends beyond the first trees visible where the red dot is. The white circle is where the majority of Colleen's ashes were dispersed, near where Knox and other horses are present throughout the day. The distance from the barn to the white circle is about 100 metres. The red circle is very near the second area where ashes were dispersed. The rest of the ashes were distributed in several places along the trails Colleen would ride, beyond the red dot, further out towards the end of the property and beyond.

Click on an image to enlarge.

The first location, looking southwest.

The natural growth in the pastures.

Everyone who attended saw the dispersal of the ashes in the circled area.

The location of this spot on my GPS was N 43º, 39', 4.3", W 80º, 5', 52.9". The location on Google Earth is similar - N 43° 39' 3.75", W 80° 5' 54.00".

(Note: this is a GPS meant for a vehicle, and it did have a lot of difficuty finding satellites from which to get bearings. I am not sure how accurate the readings are.)

Since the distances and terrain made it difficult, not everyone was able to continue on to all of the other locations.

The second location was through this gate, just shy of the red dot on the map.

Looking west.

Through this gate, and in the picture below, you can see the stepstool that Colleen had set out so she could mount Knox when there was no one around to assist. The location of this spot on my GPS was N 43º, 38', 58.1", W 80º, 6', 0.7". The location on Google Earth is very close to these same numbers.

Another format for these numbers is decimal. The conversions are N 43.64947222 and W 80.10027778.

Beyond this point, there is little undergrowth for the trees block out most of the sunlight. The ground is littered with deadfall. Moss covers many stones. The ground is uneven. The path or trail is not easy to find since few venture into this area and the trail is not maintained.

This gate belongs to a neighbour. Their cleared path into the woods ends about where the photographer was standing. The debris on the left side of this photograph is indicative of the much of the area.

Another location at which ashes were dispersed.

Some of the clearer trail.

Further on, the trees change from deciduous to pine. The ground is strewn with pine needles, little grows.

As the trail loops back, we chose a spot a little off the trail under a tall pine to disperse the last of the ashes and set out some mementos.

The location of this spot on the GPS was N 43º, 38', 54.7", W 80º, 5', 51.0".

Another format for these numbers is decimal. The conversions are N 43.64852778 and W 80.09750000.

Relocation of the mementos....

After checking on a satellite map after the event, I realized that the place wherer the mementos were left would be difficult to re-visit for anyone interested, so I made the trek to recover the items and I moved them to a more accessible place.

The new location for the mementos is approximately eighty-five steps beyond the gate at the end of the paddocks, more or less straight out and down a gentle slope.

I believe that the GPS reading at the new location is N 43º, 38', 55.76", W 80º, 6', 2.38", approximately where the blue dot is on this satellite map.

Another format for these numbers is decimal. The conversions are N 43.64882222 and W80.10055556.

Mementos moved here

Thanks to all those that came out for, and contributed to, this event.

Thanks to the farm's owners Vickie and Bruce Brown for allowing us to fullfill Colleen's wishes.

Knox will live on at Amazin Graze until he passes. He will be buried on the farm property some day.

Contact: email address sounds like cam at longhurst dot ca.

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