Colleen Anne Longhurst, audio recordings

Colleen did some recording with different audio and video tape recorders.

To see the video tapes she made, or appeared in, follow this link...

This Panasonic RQ-309AS tape machine was used with a microphone to record. Other sources for the links below include Colleen's answering machine, a VCR she had, and a VHS camera she had. I am not sure how she recorded some of her psychic readings, but I think those tapes were made with recorders owned by the psychics.

(Unfortunately, tape recorders like this have rubber drive belts which stretch and harden over time causing the recorders to be unable to turn the spindles. This one of Colleen's suffered this fate, but I was able to read from the tapes with a machine of my own.)

Panasonic RQ-309AS tape recorder Panasonic RQ-309AS tape recorder

A second recorder Colleen had was a Sanyo M-5699C micro-cassette recorder. She bought a tie-clip micropohone to go with it.

This is the message on her answering machine I would usually hear when trying to contact her. She was a busy person and was often not at home after work or on the weekends.

This recording is of an idea Colleen had for audio tapes for children to listen to and play along with. I recall that, as children, we had read-along audio books that had sounds to tell you when to turn the page, etc. There is a bit of Mr. Dressup in this, a friendly adult encouraging children to participate. Colleen was probably thinking that the idea had commercial merit and may have had more episodes planned.

The story Colleen reads during this recording, Grandfather's Cane, is an original work of hers. It can be found in print form here...

Radio plays with sound effects require that the listener have some imagination and enthusiasm. I think Colleen had both of these traits. This clip is one in which Colleen created some spooky sound effects, did a bit of dramatic reading from The Highwayman poem by Alfred Noyes, and threw in some witch-like character voices. I am not sure what the purpose of the recording was.

This recording was made on a micro-cassette recorder. Colleen is out walking in the Inglewood area, talking onto the tape about her idea for "Stewart of the trail" - a mascot character to inspire caring for the trails and promoting their upkeep, a little bit like "Smokey the Bear" preventing forest fires. She continues with her monologue, talking about teaming up for a ride-and-tie race with her friend Deana, and the merits of hiking and being outdoors.

Colleen mentions walking with Beemer, participating in line dancing and badminton, and bird-watching. Merri March seems to have passed, dating this recording sometime in the '90's. The horse mentioned in this recording for the ride-and-tie is Lauralee Phoenix (Nicky).

Sheridan College offered many post-secondary education courses on topics of interest to Colleen. She earned certificates in a number of classes (listed here). Most of the classes had to do with business, sales and marketing. For one of them, she presented for her group to the class. This audio recording was a rehearsal, I believe.

When Colleen had questions in her mind that she could not answer, or could not state clearly, she might visit a psychic for some advice or clarification. Often her questions were about her job - she was generally unsatisfied with work, she felt unfulfilled and underutilized. This, I think, led to conflict in the workplace at times. In the 90's and into this century, full-time jobs with good benefits were getting harder to find, and her jobs were often temporary, lasting from a few weeks to a year or so. Many of her employers applauded her for her efforts though, and she was usually able to pick up the next job soon after her current one concluded. The last job she had was quite stable - she held that job for several years and probably would have been able to stay at it until retirement.

Not being able to spend a length of time at any job limited her income. This was often on her mind. Colleen did not like to travel very far to work, and may have found the time spent travelling costly and wearing. Perhaps she felt like she was always under pressure to behave and perform, since there was no guarantee that work would be offered on a continuing basis.

Other questions Colleen had for the psychic usually had to do with her animals, her dog Beemer, her cats, and, of course, Knox. Sometimes she asked about family relations and friends. She wondered about moving, and where to board Knox, and the insecure work was not helpful. Her health was usually mentioned in passing as being good.

Here are some clips from the tapes she had...

Here is some of the contact information I found with the audio tapes.

Gift shop and learning center, readings by appointment, house cleansing, psychometry, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience Annette Beauliee, psychic consultations

"Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use."

Colleen took an interest in a wide variety of practices and diciplines in her search for herself. Reiki has a healing and meditative side, but it seems more likely Colleen wanted the insight the experience might bring. Reiki also involves progression and advancement, on to becoming a practitioner and master, and this may have interested her.

On July 14, 2009, Colleen had a reading done at her house in Georgetown. There is a certain amount of participation and involvement that seems different from a typical psychic reading, like a pealing off of layers and a replacement of bad with good. This clip is a small portion of the seventy-three minutes.

When doing a reading, Colleen has some skepticism but much more belief and acceptance. Occasionally she is guarded, but more often forthcoming. She always has questions going in, and sometimes comes away with answers.

Channeling and meditation were other areas that with which Colleen was experimenting. Realization through vocalization, positive thinking, with betterment, knowledge and understanding the goals. Colleen did have a belief in the spiritual world and she may have been looking for contact or acceptance.

These clips are from a tape of two sessions of meditation (she ends both sessions with "End of meditation."). It is not known if this was something she prepared ahead of time to read or touch upon, it seems more like an attempt at free thinking. It is hard for anyone to have an original thought these days, so experiencing a true, non-subjective stream-of-consciousness release for more than a moment is unlikely for anyone. We all wish the world or our personal lives could be different or better - give Colleen credit for trying to improve both.

Clip 1, 2, 3. The clips were recorded on the micro-cassette recorder.

Colleen was an avid listener of talk radio, and found shows she liked on CFRB and CBC. The Coast-To-Coast radio show was something she liked. Richard Syrett's conspiracy show got her thinking - UFOs, chem trails, wind turbines - as did guests speaking on new and green technologies. Spiritual content about crystals, dowsing, ghosts, the afterlife and the world ending in 2012 was on her mind. Colleen taped a few of these broadcasts, and also followed the stories on the Internet.

Here is an example clip, something Colleen taped, about creating hydrogen fuel from an aluminum gallium alloy. Dr. Jerry Woodall answers questions on the Richard Syrett show.

A special clip Colleen kept was about pets being used to lift the spirits of the elderly in seniors' homes and patients in hospital. This clip is about a woman named Linda Lang (Lange, Lainge) who brings her dog Kelly to situations like this as part of St. John's Ambulance therapy dog services. This clip is about one quarter of the clip Colleen recorded.

In Colleen's last week at the hospital, I would visit her usually in the morning around 10 o'clock. I would always try to get her to use her legs, get up, walk, leave the room, be mobile, but she was not always willing. On one of these days, she was not getting up. I went to the nurse's station for something and I came across two volunteers who had brought a dog in to visit the patients. They were very happy to bring Amy, a young light-coloured Labrador, in to visit Colleen. What a change it made for her, she instantly revived. She sat up bright-eyed to pet the dog, and smiled broadly while speaking to it. She spoke to the handler about dog breeds and dog traits for perhaps ten minutes. After the visit, I tried again to get Colleen up, and this time she was happy to comply, and we were able to go downstairs, listen to the piano and spend a few minutes outside.

Contact: email address sounds like cam at longhurst dot ca.

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