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While not a musician of any sort, Colleen did like to sing. Her record collection was not large, but she did have some favourite artists, and she did have a radio-full of music whenever she wanted to listen to it. Of late, she enjoyed new country music when she wasn't listening to avant-garde radio shows. Seasonal Christmas songs were good to sing along to.

She very much liked to sing along, and could also become quite contented with just listening. Live music, as with most people, was preferred. Music could bring both tear to her eye and a smile to her face.

I don't think this collection necessarily reflects the wide variety she would have chosen for herself if she was collecting. She wasn't a big record buyer, her money went to her other interests. These are the few she did buy and the rest were accumulated from various sources (including myself and our mother, when we gave up our LP's). Certainly she liked all of these, or she wouldn't have kept them.

I think it would be safe to say that Barry Manilow and John Denver were two of her favourite artists. (Colleen even had a sealed duplicate of a John Denver album, which she was probably planning to give away as she did with other things of which she bought multiples.)

Visit to look up the content if you are curious. Google can find the more obscure.

Barry Manilow collection

John Denver collection

Colleen had a strong interest in spirituality and meditation and bought numerous recordings of these.

Here are three examples. Follow this link to see many more.

Colleen had just a few audio CDs and audio cassettes, and again she was really not a collector - these were just some that wound up in her hands.

Farther Down The Road - Country Music Assortment
Farther Down The Road - Country Music Assortment
John Denver - Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 (missing the case)

This tape shows a small interest in audio books. Not sure about its origin.

Five Little Peppers And How They Grew audio book

This tape shows an interest in making tapes for playback, possibly in the car, on a trip.

Homemade audio cassette

Contact: email address sounds like cam at longhurst dot ca.

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