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Colleen had a number of audio recordings of spiritual nature, about mediation, relaxation, healing and the metaphysical world. Some of these were audio tapes, some audio CDs. I believe that she loaned these out to friends at times, for there were some with labels like "please return to" inside their covers.

Without Colleen here to tell us about these recordings, we can't be sure as to how much stock or faith she put into them. The number of recordings speaks to a genuine interest, though. She may have picked these up at trade shows, or at psychic stores, or from the Internet. These may simply have been the first of this genre she tried out and therefore should they should not be considered a definitive collection of any kind.

Here is a list of what Colleen had, with some samplings.

The links may take you to information on the Internet, or to sites on the Internet where samples can be heard, or to playable samples at this site.

In books...

On audio tape...

On CD...

Akshara Weave - Dai Ko Myo, Reike Healing Almine - Mystical Keys to Ascended Mastery Amelia Kincade - Meditation With Animals

The albums below could be considered spiritual or meditative, but they could also be considered enhanced instrumentals.

Contact: email address sounds like cam at longhurst dot ca.

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