Colleen Anne Longhurst, bird watching

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Birdwatching was a favourite passtime of Colleen's. In her time spent outdoors, she would look and listen for them. She kept notes about what she saw and when and where she saw the different species. She had bird books with many images in them that she could browse through to identify something new, and she had audio tapes of bird sounds and songs to help her identify what she was hearing.

Here are a few clips from one of Peterson's Birding By Ear audio tape sets. Each clip is the first five minutes of the respective sides, each side being originally about thirty minutes long. A 64-page pictorial book accompanied the three tapes.

I think Colleen may have used these tapes for meditation as well, they are very relaxing to listen to.

This is an odd tape, and not easily found on the Internet. It could be old and out of production.

Narrator: William Martha

These photos of birds were taken by Colleen. (more later)

Contact: email address sounds like cam at longhurst dot ca.

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