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Colleen was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was brought with her family to Ontario in 1963, when she was twelve years old. From a young age and well into maturity, Colleen took an interest in animals and their care, the natural world outdoors, and photography. This all came together in her frequently walking along Ontario's trails with her dog Beemer, or riding the trails on her horse Knox, taking many photographs along the way.

On June 27, 2012, at the age of 59, Colleen passed away from lymphoma.

In going through her effects, a number of high resolution photographic images were found on her computer. Colleen had taken a series of photographs of plant life in a certain way such that the images became almost a texture or pattern. Her specific intent for taking these pictures in this way remains unknown, but the style suggested that she intended the pictures be seen as a group, together.

Eight of these photos have been selected to form a series we are calling "Colleen's Garden". These are available for purchase, professionally framed, with proceeds going to assist the efforts of Lymphoma Canada.

Where to see, how to buy...

To see these pictures up close and framed, visit Art Effects Gallery in Georgetown, Ontario. Colleen's sister Cathy is the proprietor.

All pictures have the same size, and all have been framed in the same manner. Details below.

The price is $495, taxes extra.

Details about the image and the framing...

The image size is 18" x 24 wide". The framed size is 30" x 37" wide. Each image is framed in the same frame, for continuity and consistency. The frame material is textured, like marble or stone. It has many flecks of colours in the pattern. The upper mat is 4" wide and the lower mat is ½" wide. Both mats are white in colour and are acid-free. The glass is reflectionless, with a UV protective coating. Hanging hardware is installed.

In addition to this framing choice, buyers may prefer to choose from the wide selection of custom alternatives that Art Effects offers. Pricing for alternatives will be based on the same formula used for this special package.

"Colleen's Garden" - the collection...

Below are the images available for framing.

Blue Geraniums
White Daisies
Black-Eyed Susans
Orange Day Lilies
Fallen Leaves
A Hungry Visitor
Ferns In Sunlight
Wild Berries

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Contact: email address sounds like cam at longhurst dot ca.

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