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There is a network of trails across Canada that are being linked and managed together under the name Trans Canada Trail.

In 1997, Colleen made a donation to TCT, buying one "inscription" in memory of her dog Beemer (Longhurst, Beemer-Labxsh) and one in memory of her horse Merri (Lauralee Merrimarch-Morg.). Beemer's name and Merri's name first appeared in the pavilion in 1998 along with other donors at the TCT pavilion in Caledon East.

The Caledon East pavilion was the first of many to follow across the country. To visit the pavilion, go north on Airport Road from Olde Baseline Road, less than two kilometers towards the center of Caledon East. The Caledon Trailway Path crosses Airport Road just south of Emma Street. The pavilion itself is about 100 meters off Airport Road on the west side.

I visited the pavilion in September of 2012.

Aerial view from Google Maps.

Street view from Google Maps.

Looking west from Airport Road you can just see the roof of the pavilion to the left of the path...

Photo provided by TCT

The pavilion occupies a small clearing just off the Trail. It is a wooden structure with a plastic roof. There are what seem to be granite plaques making up the walls. The plaques explain the pavilion, some of the history of the area, and they show the names of sponsors as well as contributors to and for traversers of the Trail.

There is a tie-in to Canada's 125th birthday - 1992 was the year work on organizing and building the Trail began. It is hoped within the organization that the work will be completed on Canada's 150th birthday.

The Trail follows what used to be the original railbed of the Hamilton and Northwestern Railway. The Trail goes west through Inglewood and east in the direction of Palgrave.

The names on these plaques are the result of local donations and contributions. Names in other pavilions elsewhere in the country along the Trail are representative of that locale.

Colleen's donation procured the inscriptions "Longhurst, Beemer-Labxsh" - in memory of Colleen's dog Beemer, a cross between a Labrador and a German Shepherd, and "Lauralee Merrimarch-Morg.". Merri's inscription appears further down and to the left on this same plaque.

These are the two certificates issued by Trans Canada Trail.

Several Longhursts of unknown relationship are also mentioned in a different place in the Caledon East pavilion.

This is one of the plaques with photos and text on the local history, for places to learn about along the Trail.

Inglewood, noted on this plaque, is the town in which Colleen lived from about 1990 to 2008.

The pavilions are meant to last - the granite-like plaques seem quite indestructible and the grounds are well maintained.

Unfortunately, in early 2012, the "inscription" program came to an end. It was my intention to have had Colleen's name added to the roster, and I think she would have appreciated having her horse Knox's name added as well. I made the donation in their names anyway, on September 13, 2013. The money will go towards completing the cross-Canada trail by the year 2017.

Contact: email address sounds like cam at longhurst dot ca.

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