Colleen Anne Longhurst

This was a booklet created by Colleen to generate interest in observing nature around the world.

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Colleen had written many short works - some were complete short stories, some were the beginnings of longer stories, some were articles and some were really only just plans or notes. This page will have links to some of these works in their most complete form.

Some of these works have been edited to remove small grammatcial errors and typos.

Colleen's ambition was to be recognized for her writing, and perhaps make some supplemental income (or even an entire income) from writing. She produced both fiction- and non-fiction, and she had many interests, so it might have been hard to focus enough to do so. Here are three reference books from which she was learning about submitting her writing for publication. She entered a number of contests as well, and planned to enter more.

Contact: email address sounds like cam at longhurst dot ca.

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