Colleen Anne Longhurst, Knox

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On June 2, 1994, Knox was born in Uxbridge, Ontario on the Lauralee Morgan Farm owned by Colleen's good friend Deana Wilson and her daughter Sherri.

Knox as a colt on the Lauralee Morgan Farm

His description on the Certificate of Registration reads: "Colour: chestnut. Markings: large star, cowlick to the left above eye level, both hind fetlocks, right uneven, dark spots on coronets."

This is a depiction of Knox's markings on the Certificate.

This is Knox's bloodline, from the Certificate.

Colleen had suffered the loss of her first horse Lauralee Merrimarch after it broke a leg and was put down. For several years, Colleen was reluctant to get another horse for financial and emotional reasons, but Colleen really wasn't herself without a horse so when she was ready again, so was Knox. Colleen acquired Knox as a five-year-old on September 1, 1999.

This photo was taken c2006.

Colleen with Knox, early in 2006

This text is from a letter to a friend (Scott) dated February 11, 2001...

In July, 1999, I was loaned a horse to school, a Morgan gelding, 6 yrs old, named Lauralee Squire Knox, or "ObKNOXious" and "KNOX on wood"; depending on his endearing personality on any given day. You see twice he jumped out of his stall; the first time because he didn't want to be left behind alone in the barn; the second during one night; just because he knew he could do it, I'm sure.

I kept him up the road from me, a five-minute walk; and fed the other three horses for a free stall and turnout.

The plan was to school him for a U.S. Sale in September, but by then I didn't want to part with him, not especially going into the States, so I bought him.

Scott, I couldn't believe how that little, liver chestnut horse, with a star and two hind socks, changed my life. I didn't realize how much I missed having a horse in my life and this one is so loaded with personality and charm for me. I'd actually liked him from the time he was about two and had said to Deana and Sherri, that he was the one I'd buy from them if I chose any.

I found myself smiling, the first real smile that I've had in years and I smile still when I think about him.

Oh yes, he's full of himself and at times I'm sure he doesn't realize that the other horses are bigger than him. His little ole 14.1 h.h. self harasses anything up to and including 17 h.h. from time to time, just for the fun of it..

But when you can take him out of a stall after two days of standing in and he'll tuck his head down near your elbow while someone talks your ear off, well he's got me sold.

Don't let that lull you into thinking he's easy though. When he's had enough, he turns his head to nip at your toes in the stirrups and he thinks nothing of nuzzling your knee then taking a little nip if he's irritated. He has backed down hills, just because he wants to do something else. All the while he might look at you with those big, brown eyes and ears pricked forward with a "who me?" expression.

He's smart, no two ways about it. Even the owner of the stable where I keep him now agrees.

In fact, for a while, Nik and Knox, kept getting mixed up in my mind. They both have the same type of personality, despite one a cat and one a horse.

Knox was boarded at the Hors'n Around farm in Caledon East, about 17 km. from Colleen's Inglewood residence, from 2005? to 2008 .

Colleen moved Knox to the Amazin Graze farm in Acton, Ontario in _________________. Knox will live out his life at the Amazin Graze farm. (Follow the link to a page with maps and directions.)

Contact: email address sounds like cam at longhurst dot ca.

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