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Image taken as part of a Chakra report, June 27, 2010.

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Spirituality often refers to a religiousness, and while there was some of this in Colleen, she did not think that the world was only six thousand years old and she was not preparing for biblical retribution. But she did fear the apocalyptical harm humans could do and she had faith that there was a deserved afterlife. No one is our family is very religious in the sense of attending church or saying grace or giving thanks for their blessings, but there is a respectable amount of charity and goodwill. Colleen had an abundance of these atributes towards all living things. She enjoyed life for the most part and wanted to help others do the same.

Colleen enjoyed participating in almost any activity, she enjoyed meeting people, and she was a keeper of business cards. Her travels would take her to down main street, into local stores, to country markets and into rural enterprises. Many of the small businesses Colleen would have been drawn to are specialty stores, selling items not found in the mainstream retail outlets.

I think a pleasant Sunday for Colleen might have included a trip to the barn, a ride on her horse, a walk with her dog, a stop at the market or general store, a look at a yard sale, a chat with a stranger, a visit with family or a friend, a weeding of her garden, a home-cooked meal, a cup of tea, a couple of chapters in a book, some play with her cats, and perhaps a bit of housecleaning.

Stopping in at a nutrition store or at a spirituality store would be common for Colleen. Stopping in at psychic fairs whenever possible could be expected. She would also see psychics on her own and with small groups of friends.

Below on this web page are business cards she collected that have to do with spirituality and well being. These cards had been collected over a number of years and the contact information may be (and eventually will be) outdated and irrelevant. But in reading the cards, you can get a sense of the locality in which Colleen travelled and in the wide variety of topics and services being offered. Colleen had an interest in all of it.

The first card is noteworthy in that it mentions "animal communicator" as a service. Colleen did want to communicate with her animals in more ways than she was able to do so on her own - she wanted to ensure that they were healthy and happy, she had their best interest at heart. She always put their well being ahead of her own.

Reiki is mentioned on several of the cards. This had become something of a strong interest for her, and she had become a student of it as well. She placed a good deal of faith in this practice, and in the healing it could do.

Aromatherapy and the therapeutic benefits of including quality essential oils in everyday products was of interest. Colleen believed that non-synthetic fragrances could make a difference in the effectiveness of, and the marketing of, scented soaps, candles, toiletries, massage oils, bath oils and skin creams. Colleen spent some time working on a business plan for a product line, a store and an Internet presence with a friend of hers. Although it never fully materialized, I believe that the two quite enjoyed talking about it and planning it.

Product line logo

Colleen had bought a number of crystals and had them about her place. She was also making something called orgonite at home - a crystal and some conductive metal filings are suspended in a liquid epoxy and are moulded into resilient palm-sized shapes for the most part. She had faith in the benefits of these objects and was actively promoting them.

Home-made examples of orgonite - a crystal center with conductive  metal filings moulded and suspended in an epoxy.

Nutrition was important. Colleen believed in taking dietary supplements over traditional medicines for common ailments like colds. She understood the importance of vitamins. She believed supplements could help with joint pain, the immune system and organ function. She wasn't against modern medicine (she had a background in veterinary care and pharmaceutical manufacture) but she preferred the more natural approach.

A collection of over-the-counter supplements and remedies.

There is a lot of crossover in spirituality, what with all of the different ways spiritualists and psychics use to tap into the energies in the body and in the surrounding world. The main purposes for those interested in spirituality seem to be knowledge, healing, health and well being, in that order. Balancing the chemistry in the body and balancing life forces is at the core and is the goal.

Sometimes people have tried traditional medicine to cure an ailment and have gone on to natural cures when the traditional medicine did not satisfy or has failed, other times people are reluctant to try traditional medicine in favour of first trying natural cures. New technology does not seem to supplant traditional ways, and, in fact, new technology just seems to inspire new approaches to achieving traditional results. Consider photographic auras - the aura would be something that has been around forever, but using photography to reveal it can only be considered new age.

Ghosts were a strong interest of Colleen's. She certainly believed in them and sought them out. She had books on ghost towns and haunted buildings, and participated in events at which contact with spirits was the goal. When Colleen moved to a condo in Georgetown in 2008, she had someone come and do a spiritual cleansing of it.

Of note also - Colleen was on the lookout for interesting people to do articles about, so there is the possibility that some of these cards may have the dual or singular purpose of being a way to contact the individuals represented to help promote them or to write about them in her articles of interest in local media. Find out more about her ambition to be a creative writer here, and to be a journalistic writer here..

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The Internet has become a worldwide psychic fair, or bazaar, in itself. Colleen spent a good deal of her online time reading up on all topics, watching presentations and listening to music and speech. Here are some of the links she favoured, or at least had made note of, and here are some of the notes she made for herself about these links.

These may simply have been links she wanted to reference or learn from, or simply check out and decide, there is no sure way to know. And this is hardly a definitive list, just names found on random notes.

Colleen's disatisfaction with the ways some things were in her life and in the lives of others led her to a belief that life could be so much better with understanding and compassion and action. Colleen was charitable and gave money and resources and her time to a variety of causes. Her belief that there must be more to life than what she saw and did day-to-day left her mind open to contemplate alien life, inter-dimensional travel, ancient civilizations, and the afterlife. She spent time researching and being entertained at websites and with books and videos that fed her spiritual and intellectual interests, including websites with discussions on virtually every topic you can imagine - from alien visitation to reincarnation. This was all fodder for her. And Colleen's competitive habit of making conversation into a debate let her enjoy even the most argumentative of the conspiracy theories popular today.

Contact: email address sounds like cam at longhurst dot ca.

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