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Colleen had some video recordings in her personal collection. Not too many, she was not a collector. She had a few VHS tapes and bought the occasional popular movie on DVD, like You've Got Mail. I believe she also got videos from the library. She also had these notables...

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Horse Crazy is a movie you can check out on youtube. It can be viewed there in its entirety, but in nine AVI segments. This Disneyesque combination of children, wild horses, the great outdoors and country music would have been very appealing to Colleen.

This note was partially sticking out of the side of the package.

Ancient Aliens is a unique show in that it poses an unending series of provocative questions in the narration that, for certain viewers, become facts on their pronouncement. Even on the DVD notes, there is one - "Is it possible that intelligent life forms visited Earth thousands of years ago, bringing with them technology that drastically affected the course of history and man's own development?"

Outside of this criticism, this series is fun to watch, and Colleen enjoyed it enough to buy the videos online.

Donated to Halton Hills library system

Donated to Halton Hills library system

Colleen was very interested in spirituality. Light Speed Dreaming is an example of just one facet of the broad topic.

Colleen had two copies of Capturing The Light, one to preserve and one to lend. (I'm not sure that Knox actually watched this one, though.)

This is a bit of a homemade video (Egyptian Postures) in that it has a professional cover and case but just a DVD dupe inside. Spirituality crosses all temporal lines in the way that history and the future are often brought together to bring comprehension and enightenment to the present. Colleen had taken an interest in dowsing, and Jason Quitt may have come to her attention through this topic.

Colleen had two copies of An Inconvenient Truth, one given to her as a gift, and another she must have acquired herself.

Donated to Halton Hills library system

Cold fusion was the topic of a radio program Colleen had recorded. She was a supporter of the search for alternative energy sources.

Meditation, exercise and being outdoors are actually three reasons why Colleen did not miss having more than free-to-air channels on her TV for many years.

Donated to Halton Hills library system

Contact: email address sounds like cam at longhurst dot ca.

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