Ancestry of The Longhurst Family

The Longhurst Coat-of-Arms...

according to Burke's General Armoury, described as being black with five silver narrow bends, and a red chevron over all. On the helmet is a gold ducal crown, and a griffin's head holding a key in its beak.

The English word "hurst" - a wood, thicket or grove - is a word used in the composition of many names. In olde England, the name Longhurst meant "dweller at, or near, the long wood".

Longhurst origins...

This map shows the different geographical regions in Great Britain that are mentioned in this website. Surrey is just southwest of London.

The villages the Longhursts came from lie in a cluster southwest of densely-wooded Leith Hill - the highest hill in the southeast of England, and a landmark that would have been well known to them. There are records of Longhursts appearing in court cases in this area dating at least as far back as the reign of King Edward III (1327-1377 AD).

In this modern map of Dorking Capel Surrey England, each grid section is 10 km. square...

This map shows Longhurst Hill to be just southwest of Ewhurst Green (which can be found on the larger map).

. In the 1500's and 1600's, Longhursts often appear as churchwardens and as witnesses or executors to the wills of other farming families. From these records, one gets the impression that the Longhursts were relatively well off, or at least contributing members of their communities.

This map shows Longhurst Farm - just southwest of Ewhurst Green (which can be found on the larger map).

(From a book called "Old Cottage and Domestic Architecture in South West Surrey" by Ralph Nevill.)

Click on the map to view a larger version of it, showing a greater area.

For some pertinent information on the history of England, try here...

In 1832, Joseph Longhurst and his family left this area for life in the new world of Canada.

This ancestral line...

Below is the ancestral line of Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst.

John LONGHURST (born c1515, lived in Surrey, England) / Amy ________

Walter LONGHURST (born c1550, lived in Surrey) / Ames DIGGINS


Note : portions of the ancestral line below are being clarified. The lower path shown here was believed correct up until 2004, when new information made the upper path more likely.


William LONGHURST (born c1575, lived in Surrey) / Elizabeth ______

John LONGHURST (born c1586, lived in Surrey) / Ann SPOONER

Joseph LONGHURST born c____, lived in Surrey) / Margaret STEERE

Walter LONGHURST (born c1674, lived in Surrey) / Elizabeth KNIGHT

Walter LONGHURST (born c1715, lived in Surrey) / Ann CAPON


William LONGHURST (Sr., born c1575, lived in Surrey) / Elizabeth ________

William LONGHURST (Jr., born c1596, lived in Surrey) / Mary SIDLEY

Ralph LONGHURST born c1631, lived in Surrey) / Mary ________

Richard LONGHURST (Sr., born c1671, lived in Surrey) / Mary CHILD

Richard LONGHURST (Jr., born c1696, lived in Surrey) / Anne SWAYNE

John LONGHURST (Sr., born c1727, lived in Surrey) / Jane VERRELL


John LONGHURST (Jr., born c1745, lived in Surrey) / Mary WHEELER

Joseph LONGHURST (born 1789, lived in Surrey until 1832, moved to Ontario, Canada) / Sarah HAYSMAN

James LONGHURST (born 1816, lived in Surrey, England until 1832, moved to Ontario)/ Flora MACDONALD

Archibald John LONGHURST (born 1848, lived in Ontario) / Mary Martha LOOKER

Archibald Walter LONGHURST (born 1877, lived in Ontario) / Fannie Esther BURTON

Archibald Thomas LONGHURST (born 1902, lived in Ontario)/ Alice Violet (Lulu) SQUIRES

Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst (born 1925, lived in Ontario/ Theresa Mary BURKE

(Follow the links in this section to see more information on the families that married into the Longhurst family.)

The chart (below) helps give an overview of this particular ancestral line of the Longhurst family going back to, and through, Joseph Longhurst and Sarah Haysman. Joseph and Sarah emigrated to the New World with their children in 1832 making them the first in this particular line of Longhursts to settle in the New World.

This Longhurst line in England can be followed back to at least 1515 (with written mentions of the Longhurst name going back to 1221). The chart starts with John Longhurst and wife Amy, then indicates five subsequent generations before being followed by Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst's 5x grandfather, 4x grandfather, 3x grandfather, 2x grandfather, grandfather, and father.

Archibald Thomas Longhurst (Alfred's father) had six children, all represented in this chart. Younger generations follow elsewhere in this site.

The chart has been made in two versions - one with a background and one without. Both will print out on 8.5 x 11 paper oriented as portrait. The one without the background may yield a better result when using textured or coloured paper.

Unreconciled Longhursts

Many Longhursts that appear in historical documents are probably related, but not in known ways.

These Longhursts of interest have not been reconciled in the ancestral lines at this site...

(From information collected by Pauline Young. Interspersed notes are Pauline's. Spelling is as she found it.)

15-17 Henry VII (c1500)

Edward Alye William Stratford clerk John Ayle and John Longherst and his wife Alice vs. John Wyllot and his wife Agnes in Abyngeworthe

(Could this be John, born 1515, I wonder?)

13-15 Henry IV - 1 Henry V (c1415)

Thomas Saundre and Simon Longehurst vs. Richard Asshurst and his wife Joanna in Newdegate, Capell and Dorkyng. (I think definitely one of ours.)

13-14 Edward III (c1340)

William de Longhurst and his wife Edith vs. John de Longhurst in Ockelegh and Abyngeworthe (Abingworth is the old name for Abinger, so this is in two of 'our' villages. Possibly William was John's son.)

13 Henry III (c1229)

Peter le Poter vs. Isabel widow of Ralph Lungis in Geldeford. (Geldeford is an old name for Guildford - it means the Golden Ford, because of a sandbank which formed the crossing of the River Wey.)

(I think that Ralph must have been one of ours, with a scribe who wrote what he heard.)

8-13 Henry III (c1224)

Richard de Longhurst and his wife Alice and Thomas de Rumeham and his wife Cecelia vs. Julian fil' Goda by Gerard fil' Ralph in Slifeld

(Haven't looked up Slifield, so don't know where it is yet, may well be a farm or property.)

Cam's note : possibly Slyfield Green Surrey, Guildford England, South East, UK

3-4 John (c1202)

Hugh de Logos and Margaret his wife vs. Richard de Dol in Burg Wandlesworth and Remden

(Really included this one as I suppose there might just be a slight possibility that Logos might be Longhurst misheard by a clerk, and abbreviated into Latin, which they did a lot, but no proof at all. Don't know where Remden is, either.)

(Thes could possibly prove the existence of the family back to the early 1200's.)

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