Archibald Walter Longhurst - Family Reunion, 1947.

Archibald Walter Longhurst, Family Reunion Picnic, Oak Lake, near Belleville, Ontario, July 6, 1947...

(Identified in relationship to Alfred Thomas Burton Longhurst, born 1925, in the Navy at the time.)

Top, left to right : Earl Granner, Edmond Cooper beside wife "aunt" Marg, brother Archie and wife Betty, brother Stan, brother Harvey, Bud Wice, Bud Wice Jr..

Center, left to right : uncle Red, aunt Min, Marion (Granner) holding daughter Marilyn, Margaret Murray, Bernadette Longhurst, sister Ruth, Stan's wife Amy, Harvey's wife Beck, Dot (Dorothea) Wice, Burt (Bertie) Wice, aunt Fan.

Third row, left to right : uncle Don (Randall), Wilfred Murray, Helen Murray, Ellen Murray, Gramma (Fannie Esther Burton) Longhurst, Grampa (Archibald Walter Jr.) Longhurst, father Archibald, mother Lulu, uncle Pat (Walter) beside wife Eileen.

Front row, left to right : Fred Carmichael, Butch Carmichael, Skip Murray, Mary Longhurst, Harry Murray, Pat Longhurst, friend of family ("The man at the end was a family friend and neighbour of Aunt Min and Uncle Red. He drove his truck filled with people to the picnic." Cherel Martin)

(Identified in relationship to Archibald Walter Longhurst)

Left to right : daughter Margaret, daughter Minnie, daughter Fannie, wife Fannie (Esther Burton), Archibald Walter Longhurst himself, son Archibald Thomas, son Pat (Walter), daughter Mary Ellen Longhurst, grandson Don (Randall).

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